Whether it’s a busy schedule or lack of a green thumb, many homeowners don’t have much time to dedicate to keeping their landscapes looking pristine. And that’s ok! Here are three tips and tricks that will keep your yard healthy and make it look like you invest more time maintaining it than you actually do.

1. Choose Native Plants

Native plants are plants that occur organically in a particular area without human introduction. Because these plants grow naturally, they have thoroughly adapted to the soil and climate and are able to thrive without additional resources. A landscape professional will be able to advise you on which plants are considered native to your area.

Many native plants are drought tolerant and have deep root systems that store gathered rainfall reducing the need for supplemental watering. Creating a natural landscape also eliminates the need for fertilization and minimizes the need for mowing. Plus, utilizing native plants adds beautiful color and biodiversity to your landscape.

When installing native plants, you will need to water the seeds until the plants are established. Once this happens and your plants are approximately an inch tall, you can stop adding water and let the rain take over, saving you time.

2. Add Ground Cover

Select low maintenance ground cover like perennials and clover, which allow nutrients to get to the plant roots and keep weeds out. Perennials are inexpensive and because they bloom annually with little to no effort, you will only have to purchase them once. After installing creeping perennials as ground cover to your landscape, you can expect them to spread and fill up more space each time they return, adding beauty to your yard after year without any extra effort from you.

3. Expand Your Hardscaping

Hardscape features such as pathways, patios, fencing or pergolas create an eco-friendly outdoor space that reduces the need for maintenance. Hardscape projects minimize the need for plants in your landscape, in turn reducing the need for regular watering, fertilizing, aerating etc. Although embarking on a hardscape project can be a longer process than our first two tips, you can talk with your landscape professional to learn how to create a low maintenance outdoor area that fits within your schedule and budget.

Having a beautiful, healthy yard does not require hours of maintenance time. Work with a landscape professional to create an effortless landscape that still manages to turn your neighbors’ heads.