Feeling Stressed? Bring Some Plants Inside

Interiorscaping, as one might surmise, is “landscaping” an indoor space. Interiorscaping means more than bringing some green indoors; it calls for the thoughtful and purposeful placement of plants. Some homeowners bring double story trees inside to create a discussion-worthy focal point or some elect to create a living wall, an artistic arrangement of plants that fill interior space as would pictures or tapestries. Interiorscaping certainly adds a distinct beauty to a home but with all the demonstrated emotional and environmental benefits plants offer, their value goes well beyond their aesthetic offerings. It might be time to do a little interiorscaping in your home.

Most of us admire beautiful plants in a neighbor’s yard and delight in walking by a well-landscaped community garden. There’s no reason that appreciation needs to be reserved for outdoor enjoyment. The same joy plants offer outside can be realized indoors as well – and as added incentive, indoor plants offer many health benefits as well. That’s right. Plants aren’t just pretty to look at, they are good for us as well!