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From project planning to installation to ongoing maintenance and enjoyment of outdoor spaces, landscaping is a 12-month process for home and business owners. Offering the expertise of more than 1 million landscape professionals, the National Association of Landscape Professionals is your go-to-resource for all your questions about outdoor living environments. 

Whether you are looking for how-tos, time and money saving solutions, guidance on innovative trends, or other landscaping topics, NALP is ready to provide prompt and thorough information for any deadline.

Calendar Icon January

  • Top 5 Strategies to Protect Plants This Winter
  • How Plants Help us De-Stress
  • No More Lawn Envy – How to Enhance the Beauty of Your Lawn

Calendar Icon February

  • Family Fun: Creating Your Own Rain Catchment Systems
  • Proper Tree and Bush Pruning Techniques
  • Landscaping for Small Spaces

Calendar Icon March

  • The Benefits of Native Plants in Landscaping
  • Landscaping 101: A Crash Course for Beginners
  • Designing Your Landscape for Wildlife

Calendar Icon April

  • National Lawn Care Month
  • Design Essentials: Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits
  • Insect and Pest Control for Lawns, Shrubs, and Flowers

Calendar Icon May

  • How to Create the Ultimate Backyard for Summer
  • 10 Common Myths About Lawn Care Dispelled
  • Is an Irrigation System Right for You?

Calendar Icon June

  • How to Have a Healthier Lawn
  • Outdoor Lighting Inspiration
  • Mowing and Fertilizing Essentials

Calendar Icon July

  • Saving Water in Your Landscape Design
  • Eco-Friendly Landscaping
  • School's Out: Kid-Friendly Landscape Projects

Calendar Icon August

  • Adding Water Features to Your Landscape
  • Lawn Care Troubleshooting Guide
  • How to Create a Sustainable Landscape

Calendar Icon September

  • Plants that Go Bloom in the Fall
  • Seasonal Guide to Landscaping
  • Is Composting Right for Your Family?

Calendar Icon October

  • Demystifying, Aerating and Fertilizing
  • Ready, Set, Bloom! Bulb Planting Basics
  • Fall Clean Up for Your Lawn

Calendar Icon November

  • Tips for Selecting the Right Landscape Professional
  • Plan Your Landscape in the Off Season
  • Preserving Your Trees During Renovations

Calendar Icon December

  • Holiday Lighting Tips from the Pros
  • Bird Watching: Which Trees Attract Birds in the Winter
  • Winter Landscaping Ideas

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