Safety is always of the utmost importance; however, it is easy to overlook the role that a well-maintained landscape plays in the overall safety of your property. Pay attention to the following areas to ensure a safe experience for clients and visitors. 

  1. Keep walkways clear. Trees and shrubs are an important part of the landscape, but you need to make sure they are properly pruned so that they don’t grow into paths and walkways.
  2. Make sure sidewalks aren’t slippery. Especially in the autumn, fallen leaves can become slippery so make sure that you have regular landscape maintenance to clear leaves, flowers and other plant debris off of walkways.
  3. Make sure the area around your building is well lit. Exterior lighting of walkways is important to make sure the path is clearly visable so that people don’t trip and fall. Good lighting also helps keep clients safe by reducing crime.
  4. Make sure walkways are in good condition. Clients can slip if pavers or bricks are chipped, so it is a good idea to inspect them regularly and stay on top of repairs.
  5. Make sure the lawn is in good shape for pedestrians. Many times clients will cut across the grass and landscaped areas, so make sure the grass isn’t clumpy, is mowed regularly, and is in good condition in case your lawn becomes a traffic path.
  6. Watch out for pooling water. Make sure your irrigation doesn’t run during the day and splash visitors, and also make sure that if it runs in off hours it is adjusted properly so that you don’t have pools of extra water or run off in pedestrian areas. Also ensure that your property has good storm drainage paths.
  7. Make sure all in-ground irrigation boxes are covered. Over time the lids for valve boxes or hose bibs can be lost or broken.  Visually inspect the boxes at least quarterly to make sure they are in place and in good condition.

Regularly inspect your property for potential safety hazards. Play the "what if" game as you stroll through your space to imagine what hazards might exist for children, for the disabled and in poor weather condition. A commitment to safety is a policy that belongs in every company handbook. 

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