When we think of our personal style, we normally think about our clothes and our home décor as good expressions of our personality. But do you ever think of your yard as a place that represents your style? If not, you are missing a good opportunity to showcase your personal style in your outdoor space. 

Your yard and landscaping are an important part of the overall look and functionality of your home; make it a place that reflects your style. Pick your personality type from the list below and learn how to make your landscape fit the bill.

Are you…. 

The Life of the Party?   

If so, than you need a tricked-out entertaining space that works day and night, year round. A large patio area with a built-in outdoor kitchen and lounge seating around a fit pit or fireplace are the cornerstone of a great outdoor party pad and create warmth at night and in fall and winter. Night lighting for your deck or patio and your yard makes people want to linger outside at night. Adding a hot tub is a no brainer when it comes to your yard’s fun factor. Don’t forget a sound system and outdoor television as the final touches you need to offer the ultimate outdoor experience.

Photo courtesy of Designs by Sundown, Boulder, CO. 

Chill and Relaxed? 

Proven fact – looking at nature has a calming effect and helps your mood. Plant layers of trees, shrubs and flowers and create shaded seating and relaxations areas. A secret garden or hidden hammock can be your special place to relax and recharge by yourself or with friends.  Adding an outdoor bar and lounge area can add to the laid-back vibe.

Photo courtesy of Sun Valley Landscaping, Omaha, NE.  

Modern and Edgy?

Sleek, natural stone pavers around patios and pools can extend your modern style to the outdoors. Zen rock gardens, modern fountains and water features, sleek chaise lounges and couches, as well as pieces of art placed in your landscape can make your yard interesting and modern. Plant choice also impacts your design. Choose hedges that you can trim symmetrically, grasses that have an architectural feel and uniform tree and shrub lines to continue the edgy look and feel.

Photo courtesy of Lifescape Colorado, Denver, CO. 

Warm and Nurturing?

You want a yard that is welcoming for friends, family and pets. Having a wide-open lawn for games is important. You also want a deck or patio that is big enough for parties and get-togethers. Having play areas like tree houses, built-in sand boxes, or water features for kids to play in the summer is important. Involve the kids in gardening and nature; patio tomato or herb gardens are a great introduction to gardening. Fountains, bird feeders and butterfly bushes will attract nature into your yard.

Photo courtesy of Hoffman Landscapes, Wilton, CT.  

Smart and Serious?

You want a yard that is as together as you are? Choose trees and shrubs that are uniform, are easy to maintain and look polished. Create shaded areas for reading the Sunday paper or tapping away on your laptop. Pergolas or backyard porches are good ways to create shaded outdoor rooms and you can add fans, lighting, or shades and curtains to control the temperature and lighting. Fencing and evergreen tree and shrub borders will give you privacy and reduce noise.

Found your landscape style? Our inspiration galleries will get you started with plenty of ideas to transform your yard and a landscape professional can help your vision to life.

Feature photo courtesy of Sun Valley Landscaping, Omaha, NE.

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