There are many specialists whose work plays an important role in the health, well being, and beauty of your yard.  For instance, an agronomist’s work is most closely associated with what they do below ground, with soils and soil science, while an arborist works above ground, specializing in the planting and maintenance of trees.  If you are working with a landscape professional, it can be helpful to understand the role that each specialist provides.  While in most cases, you will only interface with your primary point of contact, it can be reassuring to know about the team of experts whose advice, recommendations, and know-how are hard at work, often behind the scenes.

Let’s explore a few of the specialists who care for landscapes:

Arborists are trained in all aspects of tree care. They:

  • Diagnose and treat tree problems
  • Understand proper pruning and management techniques
  • Know tree biology
  • Can identify and select trees appropriate to your landscape
  • Install and establish trees
  • Are knowledgeable about nutrient requirements and techniques
  • Recognize tree hazards and construction damage

Agronomists work more behind the scenes and specialize in a number of different fields. Their research has helped to:

  • Develop new types of plants
  • Minimize soil erosion
  • Come up with new methods of soil conservation
  • Identify ways to make soil more productive to directly impact your landscape

Irrigation specialists ensure that water is used efficiently in landscapes and in agricultural settings.  In your yard they:

  • Design and install watering systems that support grass, trees, shrubs, and flowers
  • Ensure the right amount of water is provided at the right times, to ensure the health of the plants – and the efficient, non-wasteful use of water

Lawn care experts are responsible for the health of your lawn. They:

  • Select the most appropriate grass for various regions and growing conditions
  • Ensure grass has the right nutrients to provide full environmental benefits
  • Diagnose and treat problems with grass
  • Aerate, seed, and fertilize lawns

Many people mistakenly believe that companies that specialize in lawn care provide mowing services. While many do, the primary expertise offered by these professionals is their knowledge and understanding of health of the lawn more so than its maintenance.

Landscape planners, architects, and designers are the artists that paint the beauty on the canvas of your landscape.  They:

  • Help identify and plan how a yard will be used
  • Identify plantings most appropriate for installation, factoring regional considerations, maintenance requirements, mood and theme desires, privacy goals, etc.
  • Provide recommendations for hardscaping options, including material considerations

Landscape professionals encompass all of these specialty positions.  They:

  • Work with customers to enhance their outdoor-living space
  • Lead and manage projects for:
  • Work with both residential and commercial customers to bring the best outdoors

These and other specialists are experts in their fields. They are trained in the science, engineering, and mastery of how to make outdoor living spaces both enjoyable and beneficial for the environment.  If you need the help of a specialist, for instance, if you want to create the lawn of your dreams, generally a lawn care specialist should be your first call. Or if you have a tree that needs to be inspected, work with an arborist.  However, if you want to enhance the overall look and enjoyment of your yard, a landscape professional will generally provide the one-stop shopping you need for your project.  Arborists, agronomists, and all other industry experts are all landscape professionals and all enhance the way you live, work, and play outdoors.  

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