Top 5 Landscape Trends of 2020


Take your outdoor space to new levels in 2020. This year, professionals from across the country predict foundational landscape elements remain on homeowners’ wish lists, but modern updates and technology are now a top priority. With a wave of design and technical innovations, the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) report that ornate hardscaping, contemporary features, lush gardens and smart irrigation are all trending and will influence landscape designs 2020.

In 2020, NALP predicts five trends will define outdoor spaces:

  • Ornate, Geometric Hardscaping – Professionals are noting an uptick in requests for intricate hardscaping patterns including waves, chevron, lattice and basket weave to sweep the country. From walkways and patios to retaining walls and fire features, homeowners are looking to integrate popular home décor patterns into their hardscape designs.
  • Contemporary and Transitional Landscape Design – Boomers, gen xers and millennials are seeking sleek, contemporary and simple landscape designs. Whether opting for an elegant outdoor kitchen, contemporary sculpture, or modern fire or water feature, professionals are seeing a shift towards simplistic designs. Multi-season functionality is essential as more homeowners are selecting elements that can survive a range of temperatures, such as native plants, heat lamps and protective structures.
  • Bountiful Shades of Blue – Landscape professionals anticipate rich tones of blue to make a striking impact in 2020. With PPG naming Chinese Porcelain, a cobalt and moody blue, and Sherwin-Williams declaring Naval, a strong and calming dark blue, as their respective colors of the year, experts predict these tones will influence the design of outdoor spaces this year. To add touches of the hue, homeowners could consider a blue sculpture or water feature. To incorporate shades of blue into gardens, look to plants such as blue fortune, delphinium, hydrangea, globe thistle or grape hyacinth.
  • Your Style, Your Garden Design – Gardens serve as a relaxing escape for many across the country. From creating edible gardens for farm-to-table dining to planting gardens that produce favorite fruits, vegetables or herbs, homeowners are more aware of the options that exist for installing gardens that meet their personal needs. For smaller spaces, consider container gardens, vertical gardens and interiorscaping to create an outdoor garden oasis.
  • One-click, Remote Irrigation – Technology continues to be a staple of the lawn and landscape industry. In 2020, homeowner demand will contribute to a rise in high-tech irrigation systems that deliver just the right amount of water to a lawn or landscape, conserving water and saving money in the long run. Today’s irrigation systems are controllable from anywhere with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and smartphone apps to help maximize efficiency.

Bring these trends to life! Hire a local professional today to create a dream outdoor space.

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