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Ecofriendly, sustainable and green trends have swept the country for years. From recycled notebook paper to reusable grocery bags, ecofriendliness is woven into everyday life. However, while others are still learning sustainable practices, lawn and landscape professionals often espouse tips and trends in this space because environmental stewardship is a core value for industry practioners.

For those interested in creating  a sustainable backyard, professionals recommend starting with these helpful tips:

  1. Create Native Landscape Design – When utilizing plants that have historically grown naturally in an area, homeowners will immediately see the benefits. Native landscape designs help conserve water, reduce invasive species and require less maintenance. Not sure where to get started? Work with a local landscape professional to plan a native design.
  2. Design a Recycled Playground – Children deserve a safe and ecofriendly place to play. Transform a backyard with playground equipment made from recycled material. Installation of such equipment provides some great teachable moments for children. They can even add their own décor to the play space, using recycled materials for accessories such as wind chimes, stepping stones, and planters.
  3. Start Composting – Before tossing out grass clippings, leaf debris and food waste, add them to a compost pile. When composting, homeowners must expedite the process by keeping the pile moist, turning regularly and adding new material. Composting not only helps the environment by reusing material, but it also adds nutrients to garden bed soil.
  4. Install LED LightingLandscape light has evolved in recent years. Today, LED lighting is standard because it reduces the demand on power plants and lessens greenhouse gas emissions. If homeowners are not utilizing LED lighting, then it’s time to make the switch. Along with LED lighting, solar power lights are ideal for homeowners looking for sustainable and easy to install options.
  5. Create an Edible Garden– You don’t have to live on a farm to live off the land. Whether it is fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs or even edible flowers, edible gardens allow homeowners to grow their own goods while also introducing a healthy diet and lifestyle.
  6. Plant a Tree (or a few!) – Trees are known to provide shade and can reduce attic temperatures by as much as 40 degrees. While providing shade, reducing noise pollution and offering a habitat for wildlife, trees are often the backbone of childhood memories. Investing in trees for a property is a smart, sustainable solution.
  7. Create a Rain Barrel – Today, drought prone regions and ecofriendly homeowners are harvesting rainwater to save water and money. From homemade barrels to manufactured commercial products, rain barrels help utilize rainwater for outdoor and indoor plants. Professionals recommend starting small and considering all options before installation.

Developing a sustainable backyard is a process. Yet, with the help of a local landscape professionals homeowners can enjoy a ecofriendly space.