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Playhouses and tree forts have come a long way from a couple of planks of wood in a tree. More than just a place for the kids to play, extreme playhouses and tree forts take outdoor living to the next level and with a little extra work, can be a true statement piece in your yard.

Swings add a great interactive feature. From rustic options like tires and knotted ropes to more classic wooden and metal swings, adding a moving interactive feature creates an element of fun to your playhouse.

Climbing surfaces are essential. Built-in ladders and steps can get you to the top of your outdoor palace but consider putting in alternative climbing surfaces like a rock wall or cargo net to make the journey more fun. Additionally, alternative ways of coming down like slides and fireman poles add to the excitement.

Two houses are better than one. Placing two units near-by extends the play area for more entertainment. A double playhouse with a connecting element like a zipline or a bridge allows for an impressive backyard structure and twice the fun.

Take it to a different level. Creating various levels of the house or fort, raises the adventure from the ground up. Having the unit elevate in the tree will not only enhance the journey but provide spectacular views!

Make it accessible at night too. Adding lighting not only makes the structure accessible both day and night but can truly add a spectacular visual element. After all the time spent building and decorating, you might as well show it off 24/7.

Seating areas are perfect for those relaxing moments. Although forts and playhouses are usually associated with adventure, you should also be able to kick back and relax. Some cool seating options include elevated hammocks and built-in loungers that take relaxation to another level.

Water features can be added below, around or in your unit. Adding sprinklers and fountains increase outdoor and summer fun while also adding a beautiful spectacle to the structure. In more extreme cases, the addition of a small pool or jacuzzi can really add in that wow factor.

Relax, play and eat! The addition of tables and chairs adds the final touch to your outdoor home. For seating, eating or playing games, a table set will round off your extreme playhouse or tree fort. For an extra step, add a mini fridge for easy access to a quick treat.

While the idea of an extreme playhouse or tree fort is certainly attainable, it can come with a large workload. Professional landscapers can help with not only the design but also safely building the structure into your yard. If you’re ready to take your playhouses from basic to extreme, contact a local landscape professional.

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